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my goal is to make poles and stuff for my community of fans so i can continue to upgrade my deviantart so i can do things as a member which is a lot more then i can do not as one so id appreciate it.

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I know i'm not giving much detail on why my process has been halted so i wanted to clear up the perhaps confusion on that matter. And id like to share something else as well.
Ok first off, the laptop i have been using hasn't died, i just said that because it's pretty much the same thing, i will explain. One of the first things to go on the laptop was the usb plugs which prevents me from using a flash drive. Next was the AC jack, which prevents the laptop from being charged by the cord. You can imagine how long it took for the laptop to die after that.
Our solution was to do battery swaps with another laptop and it turned out the batteries were indeed compatible. Problem solved, for awhile. Ironically the AC jack on that laptop has been flickering for awhile now too. In fear of it burning out like my laptop, i don't move the cord. Not moving the cord prevents me from battery swapping. So, the laptop is dead.
Here where it gets more interesting. Around the holidays the break i took was due to this issue when it first was discovered. But, years worth of unorganized cluster fuck of my writing/ideas/stories/pictures and such, was to be moved to the laptop. But knowing the laptop could burn out at any moment, i wouldn't risk transferring all of my files to it. But i couldn't even if i wanted to seeing that i can't use a flash drive.
During Christmas we have gotten a new desktop. We are still in the process of setting it all up to be drawing friendly (In other words download Gimp2 and such) All i have to do is find a way to safely transfer a large amount of gb's worth of files to the desktop without a flash drive. Not to mention that i did manage to transfer half of my files to the other failing laptop about 6 months ago.
So now you see why i had to stop drawing until i get all of this resolved. And if you can help by pointing me in the right direction by linking a site that can transfer large files, i would be grateful and it would help to speed up the break time.
The time I'm spending now is to organize all of these files to make the transfer as smooth as it can be.
And to give you reassurance. Knowing how people are, i assume they assume that if i'm not constantly pushing out content that I'm dead or done. But I'm going to clear that up right now (If all of what i said in the past was ignored) So here.
Being born into the wasteland of broken homes. While everyone else was investing their focus and time into society, i was forced to vent in my own way. I spent every day putting my head in the clouds. A new day was a new concept to conjure, to imagine. It's a passion for me, it has always been and it will always be. I won't stop until i die. Nothing could ever crush that, i mean they can and do obviously try and all the power to them. But it will never work lol, it's like a movie or a story to me when they do try, i don't let it actually hit me in a crushing kind of way. No, in fact i feed on it. So there's nothing to worry about in that manner.
As far as content goes. I have hundreds of stories and thousands of oc's waiting to be put into viewing form. So in other words, i have enough content to put out for the rest of my life lol and i plan on doing whatever is required to make sure i can make it as good as i can make it. So just be patient with it, and i'll let you know when i get things back in order.
On aside note, when i was organizing files i was looking through the Fan Art i have gathered and saved. 200+ pictures. All amazing and many impressive. All made for my work. What about that would i be upset about? I don't know if i say it enough but i am thankful for all of my fans. Though we may bump heads from time to time, but it just makes it more interesting in the end i believe. No hard feelings.
So there you have it, if you think you can help with the file issue I'm having? Then feel free to give or link me the solution. (It would speed this up a lot)
Another side note. I will be working on creating a website not just for TGT, but for all of my future projects to prevent anymore problems. All will be organized and easy to view when it's finished. Thanks again.

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i am lazerbot this is my TGT facebook if you want to give it a look… where basically i interact with my fans and so on, as i line up many facts and discussions of my comic. you can be my friend on there if you want. where i talk you can ask questions and what ever roles your boat. its cool, feel free to post to me what ever you want on my Facebook or this deviantart its all cool

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