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Well because i am interesting in the progress of my consumers every now and again i look on bing or google and give these different sources a look, including the ones like SA and ED,

So there were a couple new ones but a lot of the old ones untouched and just as they were a long time ago which is fine, but the two that stand out is something awful and ED because they update daily. and there is some nice fanart i won't lie.

I don't do it often because i actually have a life but i do check these things out, so i gave ED and somethingawful a look and i came to a realization now follow me here with this.

For one (TGT) tails gets trolled has been being made sense October 10, 2011 which is when the first page was uploaded nearing the end of 2011 okay, it is 2015 which is borderline 4 years, now how can someone obsessively attempt to troll something none stop for that long. think about it, not only do they waste almost every day trash talking it they spend most of there time doing it

and not only that, they have been doing it for almost 4 years, now add in using the exact same words, sentences and even reactions to everything they see, the same memes, even the same costume made emogies, quotes and even thinking and saying the same things that didn't offend me in the passed, they think will somehow offend me now.. no progression the same old thing. you can be a spectator and realize this.

i mean hell I've already gotten passed even caring in the slightest a long time ago what boggles my mind is how do you sustain this troll persona, this delusion for this long, this world of repetitive looping. i get trolling something and then eventually moving on and i get at most a year but how do you have that as your life's work, your living, you post, you wait, you react in a troll manner as your use to, say and do the same things and get entertainment out of it. thinking those same things are offensive regardless of what is actually proven and then do it all over again. doesn't that sound extremely overrated?

Not only have there statements run dry and beyond repetitive, clever boy is more creative and has more verity then i have ever seen any of these people ever have, and its clever bot for Christ sakes. how long can you carry on this sad charade? how long before you realize that no one gives a shit?

and how do you get to that point? how do you forum trolls from ED and somethingawful continue this long, without realizing just how pathetic this is? 469 pages of SA repeating the same things. i mean when do you move on, when do you decide to do something with your lives? when do you stop doing this to yourself? I'm seriously wondering what is going through there minds that blocks them from noticing this.

 how is it entertaining its just the exact same things every second of every day, and the saddest thing is they will probably continue to follow me a long like a puppy talking about and trying to troll all my works for as long as i make them. that saying when is enough, enough doesn't compute with them i suppose.

this isn't out of any anger, hell if i seen the same things over and over again there is no possible way anyone would be offended at this point, this is a legitimate observation.
clever bot has more to say for itself then any of you from ED and SA your beyond your time and you should get with the program no one cares about your so called criticism and its not offensive or even remotely entertaining anymore if it was ever.

You should stop wasting your time but I'm guessing that's not going to happen so another point of advice, stop acting like you mean something if this is all you do, stop acting like your perspective and thoughts on things really has any weight on those you speak it about because it doesn't.

people look at you and wonder what is possibly wrong with your lives for you to reach this level of pathetic, to be this permanently trapped like trolls really can't do anything to anyone and your words are so empty because of how sad your situation truly is

people look at it and be like, wow i have no reason at all to even be remotely hurt by any of this, these people just sit around and do nothing.

aside from that little detour, what do you guys (who aren't repeating the same things like trolls) think of this chapter so far i enjoy any statements you have to say. i love my fanbase who's actually fans :D yes and i think i don't need to make anymore post in the future about the forums. this one was way over due, it needed to be said. i felt as someone who has had the same things said about my work and me for almost 4 years had to point out the obvious

anyway thanks for the support to my loyal fans and i hope you guys stick around and enjoy all my works to come and lets just say i have more then enough material for trolls that i literally have no reason to ever even glance there way again. of course i will defend myself and clear things up but honestly you get to a point when you've seen it all and become above it because those things become yawnable


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Artist | Digital Art
United States
My original account called Lazerbot was hacked a long time ago, that is why i am Ultimatelazerbot on this account, i don't recommended going to my old account i don't think it deserves to be linked on this.

Hello my fellow fans i am Lazerbot and to those new viewers who don't know who are what my deviantart page is about,

i draw art and pictures but i focus on making a verity of content and my main thing i do on my DA account is upload web comics

mainly tails gets trolled but i am always in the process of making a project if its one im in the middle of making like TGT or if its something i haven't uploaded yet, so if you watch me ill be sure to eventually share everything i have in store with you all

be sure to give me a hello or ask a question at any of these sources or right here on my Deviantart. and here's the other TGT sources im involved with one way or another.
TGT facebook…
TGT tumblr tailsgetstrolledcomics.tumblr.…

I'll link to some fan sources of Tailsgetstrolled the youtube the most entertaining one out of the fan sources

Other tumblr source…

Troll forums that talk about it however i don't really recommended going to check these troll forums out, they can get quite insulting and they are pretty ignorant. its humorous but in a pathetic kind of way, its not even remotely offensive when they repeat the same things constantly. so if you want so entertainment if you're into that stuff by all means

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my goal is to make poles and stuff for my community of fans so i can continue to upgrade my deviantart so i can do things as a member which is a lot more then i can do not as one so id appreciate it.

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MusicMarvel214 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anyone ever tell you TGT is postmodern art
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner 6 hours ago   Digital Artist
ok that's a compliment right?
MusicMarvel214 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner 58 minutes ago   Digital Artist
sweet man. :D
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
just so people know and i think ive said it  before TGT's co-writer is :iconembergram:
embergram Featured By Owner 4 days ago
And i enjoy co-writing it, it's glorious.
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
i agree :D
HeromanZero Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  New Deviant
TGT is the first fanfiction I was ever hyped to read, you're a pretty cool dude for coming up this story that manages to pull more strings in my heart than a Michael Bay film ever could
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015   Digital Artist
thank you im honored. im happy your enjoying and be sure to stay up a bit later tonight because im working on something special and you won't want to wait until the next day for this. :D
HeromanZero Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  New Deviant
I'm new to your comic, if you don't mind me asking when do you usually upload new pages and or chapters? Also I was not disappointed with the start of the new chapter, great job!
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