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Greetings, i am known as Embergram (Co-Writer to Tails Gets Trolled) So today I'm going to clear up some confusion regarding our situation. First off, TGT is halted and will remain that way for what could be a very long time, and I'll explain why but before i do, i want to give back some reassurance (Since some of you seem to have difficulties trusting the truthfulness of the words coming from another human being) And I'm sorry if that's the case but not everyone is spewing lies, some people are actually quite honest, altering your own perception on how you perceive it will not change that reality.  
What might this reassurance be? Well, we very much consider Tails Gets Trolled our ''Main Project'' Currently and because of that, we don't want to just drop it completely. So I'm here to give you our word, that TGT will make its return one day. That is our promise.
Yes, though the data of the latest pages of TGT are still on the dead laptop, it's cheap or apparently free to pull that data off of that laptop. But, we're also not in any rush to do so. We know where the data is, it's not going anywhere so until we are able to pull that data off? We'll have the laptop put up in a safe place.

That aside, We now have 2 desktops. We've moved some stuff around and decided to replace the dead laptop with a cheap desktop for the soul purpose of multitasking projects. This is going to speed up the process dramatically. ''But not for a project like TGT though unfortunately'' Lazerbot was doing 90%-95% of creating and producing of TGT. Meaning, the laptop breaking wouldn't have slowed the process of creating TGT at all, pretty much. (As long as we have one computer, we'll be working on a project.) But, it would have slowed the ''managing of our projects'' process, and did for the most part.

During the downtime of TGT, we quickly realized how much time Lazerbot actually spent creating it. Being only one person, he was spread too thin. The process of TGT started getting more and more time consuming as it went on. This gave us the idea to hold auditions to become a co-writer, before the laptop died (In hope that some of that weight would lift from Lazerbot's shoulders) But very few people stepped up, and most of the ones who did? Didn't show the same kind of dedication. Which is unfortunate at the least, working on TGT with several artists would have been an interesting experiment. (Perhaps the option will be available again in the future)
Even know the auditions are halted, if you are devoted enough and want to become our co-artist? Then let us know, we'll see what we can do.
TGT is not even close to being the ''only'' project we are capable of working on. We have hundreds of stories waiting to be created. Due to the halt in TGT, all of that free time that Lazerbot now has? Is being diverted to other projects, and due to the extra desktop? We've chosen specific projects that allows more than one of us to work on so we can multitask. We've been getting a lot of work done.

Another reason why TGT is currently halted is because it was a ''nonprofit'' project, due to its copyrighted content. There are certain exceptions to parody laws that we could use to our advantage but there are simply too many restrictions. So, we want to publish our own original projects for now. More opportunities will become available for us in a long term sense, with this approach.
Now, some people frown upon those who try to make a profit off of their own creation, as if it were some kind of immoral betrayal. But the fact of the matter is, people have to make a living. Whether they do it this way or not, it still needs to happen. (The world's current system requires it)
Not a lot of people understand what it's like to live in poverty. A lot of people think that people who are poor have a lot more options than they actually do. But the truth is that very few employers in our current economy standing, will hire someone without an education. Poverty has stolen our childhood and limited our chances of getting an education.
Tails Gets Trolled is a special project, the dramatic improvement throughout TGT was real. We had to teach ourselves how to spell, how to write. We wanted to become storytellers, it is our dream. So we did what we had to do to make it happen. But it wasn't easy, even to this day we struggle to accomplish the simplest task due to our situation. We can't even afford gas to go buy a drink from the store most of the time (We currently don't even have a car) so we're stuck here.
We live in a broken down house with 10 people in total and more planning on living here, because the rent is so cheap and the landlord doesn't care about how many people are staying here. The only reason why we have internet is because one of the people who lives here needs it for his online classes. We are constantly looking for work, so far no such luck.

That being said, during this progression? We weren't making any money what so ever. Now unfortunately, we have come to crossroads. Our situation is getting worse and we no longer can afford to work on a nonprofit project. So, with the new projects? There will be ads, but the ads are to pay to advertise our projects.

We will be creating a website for all of our works, and we will soon have a new facebook page. ''Lazerbot'' isn't the only one creating the projects anymore. (His facebook page will be deleted after the transition process ends) Our website and new facebook page will be called (VirtuoCity Studios) And the new projects will be produced by:
And whomever decides to become our co-artist in the future.
The current projects being worked on are:
To Abide.
Ninja Show.
Once Upon An End.

There will be a delay on the premiere of (To Abide) so we can work out some of the larger kinks on the other two webcomics. And yes, until we have the money required to have our projects animated? All of our projects will likely be webcomics. That being said, we have goals to have many projects animated in the future.

And last off, we will be making a Patreon account Within the next couple days. You can show your support by subscribing to it, We'll likely only charge subscribers $1 a month. It's really not that much but it will help a lot in motivating us to create as much as we can and as fast as we can.
What might our goals be you may ask?
Pay to advertise our work.
Improve our living conditions.
Pay for Merchandising.
Hire artists to draw several reserved projects.
Hire animators to animate several reserved projects.
Hire video game developers to develop several reserved video game projects.
Pay to have a personal studio built.

We'll give more information as we go but these are our hopes for expansion, we hope that everyone is ok with it. We have big things in store, and if all goes well? Then some day in the future, we will spare no expense for the creation of: Tails Gets Trolled (Rebirth)
The comic will be remastered completely and all of the characters will be redesigned to be ''original'' But as for (Tails Gets Trolled) Though it may be halted for now, we do want to carry on the process eventually. Never know right? We'll see how things play out.

Well, that was our big announcement. Thank you all very much for the support and fanart over the last few years, yes even the haters and trolls who want nothing more than to watch us fail. Even you portrayed an entity we had to overcome, to give us the experience and knowledge we have today. So we thank you <3 And we apologize for all of our retaliation and misunderstandings in the past. We let all of it go so i hope that you can too. We're very excited about the future, wish us luck!


UltimateLazerbot's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Me and my bro have made a facebook page for our new project To abide… it has information and pictures etc, If you want to have a more clear imagine of what is to come and future info like this page. You won't regret it XD Id appreciate any and all support.

Hello my fellow fans, i am Lazerbot. For those who are new and aren't aware of what my Deviantart page is about? I draw pictures, but i try to focus on making a variety of content. The main thing i do is create web-comics such as ''Tails Gets Trolled'' But i'm always in the process of preparing or working on other projects as well. I hope to publish more projects as soon as i am able. Until then, please take the time to view the content i already have out. Enjoy.

I got 1 rule Don't spam my Devaintart or Facebook or you'll be blocked. That means with useless non relevant repeating of the same words or pictures/Memes, one is fine, or a view but don't spam.

Be sure to give me a hello or ask a question at any of these sources.

TGT sources I'm involved with one way or another.
TGT facebook…
TGT tumblr tailsgetstrolledcomics.tumblr.…

Fanmade sites

Troll forums that talk about it. I don't really recommended going to check these troll forums out, they can get quite inaccurate and they are pretty ignorant. Its humorous at times but in a pathetic kind of way. My opinion on that is don't believe it, if you want to know about my work create your own opinion on it. Don't let people tell you what you should think of it.
Troll forums

And one more thing i want to add.
I am fully aware how offensive some of my content can be.
In TGT there is a verity of trolls and offensive content that comes from the troll's dialog,
I am no troll.

I just want to make sure the characters are as accurate as possible. So if its a troll character, I want it to be like a troll. If its a murderer, i want it to be like a murder, etc. I'm portraying those characters, I am not those characters. Just so you know.

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my goal is to make poles and stuff for my community of fans so i can continue to upgrade my deviantart so i can do things as a member which is a lot more then i can do not as one so id appreciate it.

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