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well my electricity went out and just now came back which is why i haven't been on. upside is ill be moving in the next couple of weeks. so I'm post pawning TGT while i do this and when i don't have any internet in my new house ill be working on the comic, ima gonna try to make a picture before i run out of internet and move that I'm excited about, if i don't upload it before i move ill upload when i get the internet again.
wish me luck and i hope you all have a great time. thanks for the support
no hard feelings to those trolls and have a wonderful time, i hope no one rains on any of your parades.
by the way I've been working on other projects as well. looking good in the early stages but i plan to work more on it and i might have a lot more done when i do move and get internet back.
lets see what else :D well that's about it. gonna be pretty busy. 


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My original account called Lazerbot was hacked a long time ago, that is why i am Ultimatelazerbot on this account, i don't recommended going to my old account i don't think it deserves to be linked on this.

Hello my fellow fans i am Lazerbot and to those new viewers who don't know who are what my deviantart page is about,

i draw art and pictures but i focus on making a verity of content and my main thing i do on my DA account is upload web comics

mainly tails gets trolled but i am always in the process of making a project if its one im in the middle of making like TGT or if its something i haven't uploaded yet, so if you watch me ill be sure to eventually share everything i have in store with you all

be sure to give me a hello or ask a question at any of these sources or right here on my Deviantart. and here's the other TGT sources im involved with one way or another.
TGT facebook…
TGT tumblr tailsgetstrolledcomics.tumblr.…

I'll link to some fan sources of Tailsgetstrolled the youtube the most entertaining one out of the fan sources

Other tumblr source…

Troll forums that talk about it however i don't really recommended going to check these troll forums out, they can get quite insulting and they are pretty ignorant. its humorous but in a pathetic kind of way, its not even remotely offensive when they repeat the same things constantly. so if you want so entertainment if you're into that stuff by all means

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my goal is to make poles and stuff for my community of fans so i can continue to upgrade my deviantart so i can do things as a member which is a lot more then i can do not as one so id appreciate it.

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videofindersTV Featured By Owner 5 days ago
tgt is fucking golden

please continue it
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
i will get back to if but the reason i haven't had any updates and won't have any for awhile is in my latest journal. thank you for the compliment.
Joe-Roberts Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
 Thanks for faving :)
Dome City by Joe-Roberts 
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015   Digital Artist
you're welcome it was a beautiful piece of art.
cloe-patra Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for faving moss by cloe-patra :hug:
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015   Digital Artist
you're welcome
Veolo Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Holy shit, I can finally say this to you: I fucking love your webcomic, it really inspires and motivates me to work on mine.. which sucks at the moment, but you get the dealo; you're like my hero!

Can wait to see more from you. :heart:
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015   Digital Artist
thank you very much and appreciate it and im sure you webcomic is better then you think, i wouldn't cut yourself short, you can't start out at the level of perfection, you wanna be, i actually want to be able to do so much more then i can. you kind of got to work your way up the latter. and you'll get there if your determine and don't quit.
Veolo Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Wow, such words of motivation; thank you so much! I cannot wait for the finale of the fight between Demaro and Wile E. Coyote; hope things are too stressful on your end.
UltimateLazerbot Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015   Digital Artist
good luck on your work and nah i ain't stressing it. :D
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